André Harris
André Harris
Full name

André Harris


Los Angeles, California


Los Angeles, California

André Harris is one of the main characters on Victorious the musically talented best friend of Tori Vega.

He is portrayed by Leon Thomas III.


André is the guy everybody likes he is good looking kind supportive cool musical friendly laid back and caring he is always ready to give advice or ideas in a tough situation for example on the episode Jade Dumps Beck he told Robbie how to review Trina's play.


Tori Vega

Tori and André became best friends when he and Trina were partnered up for the talent show and Tori watched them rehearse.

Trina Vega

André and Trina are barely seen interacting in the series in the first two seasons.

Beck Oliver

On the episode Jade Gets Crushed André stated that Beck is one of his best friends even though he had a crush on Jade he stated a number of times that it was wrong and evil because he wouldn't want to move in on Jade.

Jade West

André and Jade have been friends for at least two years as revealed on the episode The Great Ping Pong Scam.

Cat Valentine

André and Cat seem to maintain a good friendship but sometimes André becomes confused by the random statements Cat makes.

Robbie Shapiro

Robbie and André appear to be close friends André is often the person Robbie goes to for advice in a situation he has helped Robbie escape from various situations such as on the episode Jade Dumps Beck when Trina.

Rex Powers

André and Rex seem to be on good terms even though André was seen threatening Rex on the episode Rex Dies it is shown they are considered tight as mentioned on the episode Wok Star.

GIF of André Harris

André Harris

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