A Christmas ToriA Film by Dale SquiresAlan
AllieAloft AirlinesAndré's Dog
André's Horrible GirlAndré's bandAndré Harris
AnkimoAnthonyApril Fools' Blank
Ariana GrandeAsphalt CaféAstro Craft
Aunt Pearl and Uncle WalterAvan JogiaB. F. Wangs
Background HousesBackground LocationsBad News Songs
Beck's Big BreakBeck Falls for ToriBeck Oliver
Bed, Bath and YonderBeggin' on Your Knees (episode)Best Friend's Brother
BibbleBlackbox TheaterBlooptorious
Boomerang TheaterBrain SqueezersBriarwood
Broken GlassBurbank High SchoolBurf
Butter FaceCar, Rain & FireCat's Cupcake Parade Float
Cat's New BoyfriendCat's Stuffed AnimalsCat Valentine
Catch Me, Kiss MeCell BlockCharacters Houses
Charlotte HarrisClowns Don't BounceColor Me Pot
CooberCrazy PonnieCrystal Waters
Daisy LeeDale's FilmDaniel
Daniella MonetDavid VegaDeath of a Kitten
Detective BlowholeDivertisimoDr. Doty
Drake & JoshDriving Tori CrazyEl Taco Guapo
Elizabeth GilliesEric LangeErwin Sikowitz
Faster Than BoyzFat CakesFavorite Food (Song)
Fawn LebalwitzFazzini BootsFestus
Finally FallingFive Fingaz To the FaceForever Baby
Fourth WallFrank's CupcakesFreak the Freak Out (episode)
Freak the Freak Out (song)Freezy QueenGeorgie
Gerold ArnpegGive It UpGreen Meadow Mall
Grizzly GlueGustaviaHandy Quick
Hate Me Love MeHayley FergusonHelen Back Again
Here's 2 UsHolly VegaHollywood Arts High School
Hot-DurgersHow Trina Got InI'm A Fool
ICarlyIParty With VictoriousI Married My Mom
I Think You're SwellI Want You BackIce Cream for Ke$ha
In This TogetherInside-Out-BurgerIt's Not Christmas Without You
Italione's PizzeriaJade Dumps BeckJade Gets Crushed
Jade WestJet BrewJoke-A-Cola
Jupiter BootsKaraoke DokieKe$ha
KwakooLA BoyzLane Alexander
Lane NapperLarry (bird)Leave It All To Shine
Leon Thomas IIILichter's Ice CreamList of Songs heard on Victorious
List of Victorious songsLocked Up!Lockers
Louise NordoffMaestro'sMake It In America
Make It ShineMamaw ShapiroMason Thornesmith
Matt BennettMelrose Play HouseMichael Eric Reid
Miss FireMonkey WomanMoonlight Magic
MoxiMr. Long-NeckMr. Oliver
Mr. PorkstacheMr. PurpleMrs. Lee
Mrs. YondersMuseum of Large BonesMystic Mountain
Neutronium RecordsNorthridge, Los AngelesNorthridge Mall
NozuNumber OneNurse Kotter
OkayOne Thousand Berry BallsOpposite Date
Pear CompanyPee MinderPee Zol
PilotPlatinum Music AwardsPotato Patch Pals
Principal EiknerProm WreckerPuerto Aguasu
Rex DiesRex PowersRex Sings
RobarazziRobbie's Big ToeRobbie's Songs
Robbie Sells RexRobbie ShapiroRun Run Run Away
RussSam & CatSchneider Cable
Sherwood High SchoolSinjin Van CleefSleepover at Sikowitz's
Small & Short StoreSong 2 YouSparkles
Speechy KingSpin A-Ma-JigSplashFace
Squid Chopping SongSquirt AlertStage Fighting
Star Spangled BannerStar Spangled ToriSteamboat Suzy
Strangers on a BusSurvival of the HottestSymone's
Take A HintTake Me BackTalking Reggie
Tap ItTara GanzTell Me that You Love Me
Terror on Cupcake StreetTest EasyThe Bad Roommate
The Bird SceneThe Bird Scene (play scene)The Birthweek Song
The Blonde SquadThe Blonde Squad (short film)The Breakfast Bunch
The Captain is SheThe DeadThe Diddly-Bops
The Gorilla ClubThe Gorilla Club (Place)The Great Ping Pong Scam
The Grub TruckThe Hambone KingThe Janitor's Closet
The Joke Is On YouThe Olive BargainThe Scissoring
The Silver StreakThe Slap FightThe White Board
The WoodThe Wood (TV series)The Worst Couple
Three Girls and a MooseTinkle TimeTofu
Tori & Jade's Play DateTori Fixes Beck and JadeTori Gets Stuck
Tori Goes PlatinumTori Tortures TeacherTori Vega
Tori the ZombieTrina!Trina Vega
Turblow JetUp Late with Mack MurphyUptown, Downtown
Vega's HouseVictori-YesVictoria Justice
VictoriousVictorious: Music From The Hit TV ShowVictorious: Taking The Lead (Wii and Nintendo DS)
Victorious 2.0: More Music From the Hit TV ShowVictorious 3.0: Even More Music From the Hit TV ShowVictorious Walmart Soundcheck
Victorious WikiWahoo PunchWanko's Warehouse
Wanko's Warehouse (Place)Well WishesWheely Good Seafood
Who Did It to Trina?Wi-Fi in the SkyWok Star
Wok Star (Place)YerbaYerbanian Chancellor
Yerbanian MilitaryYotally TogurtYou're The Reason
You Don't Know MeYou Haven't Seen the Best of Me
File:A Christmas Tori.pngFile:A Film by Dale Squires.pngFile:Alan.png
File:Allie.pngFile:André's Horrible Girl.pngFile:André's band.png
File:AndréPortal.pngFile:André Harris.gifFile:André Harris.png
File:Anthony.pngFile:April Fools' Blank.pngFile:Ariana Grande.png
File:Astro Craft.pngFile:Avan Jogia.pngFile:Bad News Songs.png
File:Beck's Big Break.pngFile:BeckPortal.pngFile:Beck Falls for Tori.png
File:Beck Oliver.gifFile:Beck Oliver.pngFile:Beggin' on Your Knees (episode).png
File:Best Friend's Brother.pngFile:Blooptorious.pngFile:Brain Squeezers.png
File:Broken Glass.pngFile:Burbank High School.pngFile:Burf.png
File:Cabbie - Season 4.gifFile:Car, Rain & Fire.pngFile:Cat's Cupcake Parade Float.png
File:Cat's New Boyfriend.pngFile:Cat's character crying.gifFile:Cat, Jade and Tori.gif
File:CatPortal.pngFile:Cat Valentine.gifFile:Cat Valentine.png
File:Cat Valentine on Sam and Cat.gifFile:Cat and André.pngFile:Cat and Beck.png
File:Cat and Jade.pngFile:Cat and Jade on Dale's Film.pngFile:Cat and Mr. Long-Neck.gif
File:Cat and Mr. Purple.gifFile:Cat and Robbie.pngFile:Cat and Tori.png
File:Cat and Trina.pngFile:Cat and Trina with Freezy Queen.pngFile:Cat drinking Jet Brew.png
File:Cat on the episode Rex Dies.gifFile:Cell Block.pngFile:Charlotte Harris.png
File:Christie.pngFile:Crazy Ponnie.pngFile:Daisy Lee.png
File:Dale Squires.pngFile:Dancing Lobster.pngFile:Daniella Monet.png
File:David Vega.pngFile:Devin.pngFile:Dr. Doty.png
File:Driving Tori Crazy.pngFile:Elizabeth Gillies.pngFile:Eric Lange.png
File:Erwin Sikowitz.pngFile:Example.jpgFile:Favicon.ico
File:Fawn Lebalwitz.pngFile:Fazzini Boots.pngFile:Fazzini Shoes.png
File:Festus.pngFile:Finally Falling.pngFile:Forever Baby.png
File:Freak the Freak Out (episode).pngFile:Freezy Queen.pngFile:Georgie.png
File:Gerold Arnpeg.pngFile:Gilbert.gifFile:Ginger Fox nasty arm pits.png
File:Give It Up.gifFile:Give It Up.pngFile:Give It Up Cat and Jade.gif
File:Grizzly Glue.pngFile:Hannah.pngFile:Hate Me Love Me.png
File:Hayley Ferguson.pngFile:Helen Back Again.pngFile:Holly Vega.png
File:Hollywood Arts.pngFile:Hollywood Arts High School.pngFile:Hope Quincy.png
File:How Trina Got In.pngFile:IParty With Victorious.pngFile:Ian.png
File:Ice Cream for Ke$ha.pngFile:JadePortal.pngFile:Jade Dumps Beck.png
File:Jade Gets Crushed.pngFile:Jade West.gifFile:Jade West.png
File:Jade and André.pngFile:Jade and Beck.pngFile:Jade and Cat.png
File:Jade and Robbie.pngFile:Jade and Tori.pngFile:Jade and Trina.png
File:Jennette McCurdy.pngFile:Jet Brew.pngFile:Jet Brew and a Hollywood Arts bag.png
File:Kendra Harris.pngFile:Kid Doctor.pngFile:Kwakoo.png
File:Lane Alexander.pngFile:Lane Napper.pngFile:Larry (bird).png
File:Leave It All To Shine.pngFile:Leave It All To Shine Cover.pngFile:Leon Thomas III.png
File:Locked Up!.pngFile:Make It Shine.pngFile:Mason Thornesmith.png
File:Matt Bennett.pngFile:Melinda Murray.pngFile:Meredith.png
File:Method Acting.pngFile:Michael Reid.pngFile:Milly Mooney.png
File:Mr. Long-Neck.pngFile:Mr. Purple.pngFile:Mrs. Lee.png
File:Mrs. Yonders.pngFile:Nickelodeon.pngFile:Nozu.png
File:Nozu Logo.pngFile:Number One.pngFile:Nurse Kotter.png
File:Okay.pngFile:One Thousand Berry Balls.pngFile:Opposite Date.png
File:Our Three Girls.gifFile:Pee Minder.pngFile:Pilot.png
File:Principal Eikner.pngFile:Prom Wrecker.pngFile:Real Splash Face.png
File:Reese's Dad.pngFile:Reese.pngFile:Rex Dies.png
File:Rex Powers.pngFile:Rex Sings.pngFile:Rex in Robbie's Dream.png
File:Robarazzi.pngFile:Robbie's Astro Craft.pngFile:Robbie's Big Toe.png
File:Robbie's Songs.pngFile:RobbiePortal.pngFile:Robbie Sells Rex.png
File:Robbie Shapiro.gifFile:Robbie Shapiro.pngFile:Run Run Run Away.png
File:Sam & Cat.pngFile:Short for Nickelodeon.pngFile:Sikowitz.png
File:Sikowitz singing Number One.pngFile:Sinjin Van Cleef.pngFile:Sleepover at Sikowitz's.png
File:Song2You.pngFile:Speechy King.pngFile:Spin A-Ma-Jig.gif
File:Spin A-Ma-Jig.pngFile:SplashFace.pngFile:Squid Chopping Song.png
File:Stage Fighting.pngFile:Stangers on a Bus.pngFile:Star Spangled Banner.png
File:Star Spangled Tori.pngFile:Stub.pngFile:Survival of the Hottest.png
File:Take A Hint.pngFile:Take Me Back.pngFile:Tanner.png
File:Tara Ganz.pngFile:TeenNick.pngFile:Tell Me that You Love Me.png
File:Terror on Cupcake Street.pngFile:TheSlap.pngFile:The Bad Roommate.png
File:The Bird Scene.pngFile:The Birthweek Song.pngFile:The Blonde Squad.png
File:The Breakfast Bunch.pngFile:The Captain is She.pngFile:The Diddly-Bops.png
File:The Gorilla Club.pngFile:The Great Ping Pong Scam.pngFile:The Hambone King.png
File:The Joke Is On You.pngFile:The Silver Streak.pngFile:The Slap Fight.png
File:The Wood.pngFile:The Worst Couple.pngFile:Three Girls and a Moose.png
File:Tori, Jade and Cat.gifFile:ToriPortal.pngFile:Tori & Jade's Play Date.png
File:Tori Fixes Beck and Jade.pngFile:Tori Gets Stuck.pngFile:Tori Goes Platinum.png
File:Tori Tortures Teacher.pngFile:Tori Vega.gifFile:Tori Vega.png
File:Tori and André.pngFile:Tori and Back after Finally Falling.pngFile:Tori and Beck.png
File:Tori and Cat.pngFile:Tori and Cat singing.gifFile:Tori and Cat singing Best Friend's Brother.png
File:Tori and Jade.pngFile:Tori and Robbie.pngFile:Tori and Trina.png
File:Tori singing Make It Shine.pngFile:Tori singing Tell Me that You Love Me.pngFile:Tori singing The Captain is She.png
File:Tori the Zombie.pngFile:Trina!.pngFile:TrinaPortal.png
File:Trina Shut Up.gifFile:Trina Vega.gifFile:Trina Vega.png
File:Trina acting on her play.gifFile:Trina and André.pngFile:Trina and Beck.png
File:Trina and Cat.pngFile:Trina and Jade.pngFile:Trina and Robbie.png
File:Trina and Tori.pngFile:Trina singing You Haven't Seen the Best of Me.pngFile:Trina wearing Fazzini Boots.png
File:Turbo Nick.pngFile:Uptown, Downtown.pngFile:Victori-Yes.png
File:Victoria Justice.pngFile:Victorious.pngFile:Victorious Banner.png
File:Victorious Cast.pngFile:Victorious Logo Opening.gifFile:Wanko's Warehouse.png
File:Well Wishes.pngFile:Who Did It to Trina.pngFile:Wi-Fi in the Sky.png
File:Wok Star.pngFile:Yotally Togurt.pngFile:You're The Reason.png
File:You Don't Know Me.gifFile:You Don't Know Me.pngFile:You Haven't Seen the Best of Me.png

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