Robbie's Songs is a segment on TheSlap in which Robbie uploads videos of him singing his own original and often very random songs.


Robbie's Big ToeEdit

Robbie sings about Victorious and life at Hollywood Arts but ends up singing completely about his big toe Tori and Jade sing vocals.

Strangers on a BusEdit

Robbie sings frantically about Stranger Danger and how you can't trust strangers on a bus Cat and Jade do the vocals in this song.

Broken GlassEdit

Robbie sung this song briefly on the episode The Diddly-Bops he recommended this song for their performance for a 4-year old's birthday party - but it was quickly shot down Jade was the only one who liked it and Tori disliked it the most he sent it to Sikowitz's voicemail.

Monkey WomanEdit

Guest featuring Trina as a Monkey Woman Robbie sings about his first love with a monkey woman.

I Think You're SwellEdit

Robbie sings this song for Cat on the episode The Blonde Squad.

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