Trina Vega
Trina Vega
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Trina Vega


Los Angeles, California


Los Angeles, California


Tori Vega (Sister)

Trina Vega is Tori Vega's older sister and serves as one of the seven main characters on the Nickelodeon TV series Victorious Trina is one year older than Tori and is in the senior class at Hollywood Arts.

She is portrayed by Daniella Monet.


Tori Vega

Trina and Tori

Trina's relationship with her sister seems to be pretty good Trina is supportive of Tori and vice versa.

André Harris

Trina and André

Trina was André's partner in the talent showcase Trina often calls André Andrew or Andy and ignored.

Robbie Shapiro

Trina and Robbie

Trina's relationship with Robbie could be considered quite complex according to her on the episode Stage Fighting.

Cat Valentine

Trina and Cat

They never interacted with each other until Tori the Zombie since they were assigned to work together to retrieve an antidote for Tori when she had a zombie mask stuck in her face on the episode Tori the Zombie.

Jade West

Trina and Jade

Jade thinks of Trina as an annoying talentless person and is not on good terms with her.

Beck Oliver

Trina and Beck

Trina and Beck don't interact that much on the series the basically only notable interactions are on the episode Survival of the Hottest when Trina made an impulsive comment on Beck's RV which she eventually regretted.

GIF of Trina Vega

Trina Vega

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